Ms. Jovelyn O. Bayon is a graduate and a licensed teacher from University of Cebu with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education in 2008. Her passion in teaching students helps them overcome their fear and difficulties of the English language, which made her stay in the field for 9 years. Apart from her good approach and methodology, having strict discipline and wit towards teaching made her famous and became one of the most respected teachers throughout her time. In 2015, she had to make a big decision of going out from her comfort zone which was teaching and faced a new challenge of dealing students and teachers’ daily schedules as well as their concerns about their classes. That experience made her even more dedicated and motivated to work and even tougher. Despite her many commitments in school, she managed to take TESDA TM1 – Trainer Methodology 1 and became a certified trainer and assessor. She was then given a responsibility as a Listening Trainer to newly recruited teachers in the same year. Because of her dedication and hard work, she was recognized and recently appointed as the new school head in Joinus English Language Academe, Inc. She has lived her life believing that “Life is not a game to lose but a challenge to win.


Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers. These words from Robin S. Sharma, best describes Ms. Jecil Tuñacao.
Jecil’s dedication to her work both in teaching and as an HR Head is undoubtedly always at its best. Thus, she garnered high regard from students and colleagues.Her professional journey in Philinter started in 2003. In no time, owing to her capability as an English language instructor and leadership skills, she became a Section Head Teacher. She has been an esteemed member of the management and the faculty. As a faculty member, she handles 1 to 1 classes and group classes. She was first made popular by her strategy in teaching writing. Her students noted that her teaching style sparked their interests. She teaches all subjects including TOEIC, IELTS and Business English, of which she became one of the most requested by students. As part of the management, she is instrumental in keeping the day to day functions of the school spotless. Jecil represents the school in various activities here and abroad. She finds pleasure in challenges and has the will to overcome them. These tasks she performed with utmost integrity.
Apart from being a holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, Jecil continued her professional education and became a licensed professional teacher, and had a certificate in Special Education. Her professional growth went further when she finished her Masters degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, which enhanced her fitness as the school’s HR Head.
Having been in Philinter from its beginning and to where it stands now, these 14 years of service deserves much credit. It is fair enough to say that Jecil has contributed to the success of the many students that have come her way; and have been a respectable confidante of the many friends and colleagues in Philinter.Despite the big p
art she plays in the school and the achievements she has had, she remains humble and commits herself with dedication to every task. She will receive you with a beautiful smile, listen to you without judging, talk to you with the purest intention and teach you with passion. Jecil, is indeed one of the most commendable members of Philinter family.


Henrik Kmetyk is the newest addition to the Philinter Team. He is a graduate of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University located in Vancouver Canada. Mr. Kmetyk has spent the past 22 years in Beijing China as an IELTS examiner before becoming a director for the IELTS department at a top 10 International school located in Beijing China for the last 13 years before coming to the Philippines. With extensive Asian training and teaching experience Mr. Kmetyk is a perfect fit for Philinter and the students at our campus.





Mr. Dan Nahum A. Estillore is a graduate of University of San Carlos, one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines with excellent English training that would equal those of European and American Universities. Behind his smile are years of English and IELTS teaching experience to multiple foreign nationalities from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia and even from Russia. His unique approach and methodology combined with flexibility in teaching IELTS, have helped students achieve their goals as he knows what it feels like to learn a new language. His visit to countries like Japan and Mongolia gave him valuable experience that enabled him to understand great difficulties students face while learning English. He is strict with a firm personality in class but has a sense of humour and a warm personality outside the classroom. His philosophy is simple; the purpose of teaching is not to fill the minds of students with facts, but to teach them to think for themselves.

Mr. Michael Sullivan (a.k.a. Mike), is the newest addition to the Philinter team. He is a Master’s graduate from Regent University in the USA and has 8 years of training expertise. He served as a telecommunication’s liaison for the United States Navy in Singapore, and has 3 years of ESL curriculum development and teaching experience. He has become a communications and language consultant for the burgeoning call center industry here in the Philippines; helping those who speak English as their second language handle Native speaking customer interaction. He grew up in Thailand and considers Asia his home despite his American roots and dominant native tongue. He has a beautiful Cebuana wife and 4 marvelous kids.



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