Cảm nhận học viên Azon

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June 13, 2017
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June 15, 2017

Cảm nhận học viên Azon

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Hello everyone!

My name is KUROKAWA TAKEHIRO, and I come from Japan.

I really wanted to come to Philinter for a long time. The reason I chose Philinter is that it has a very good business course for a reasonable price. For this reason I enrolled for 4 weeks basic business and 4 weeks advanced business course.

In the first place, I came here to study. That’s my main priority and I work hard towards my goal. Academics in Philinter are unquestionably great. My lessons are fantastic, teachers are professional and helpful, program is challenging, and I can see how my English skills improve every single day. My

Azon room looks really great! I feel like I am staying in a five star hotel. I can surely say it’s really nice to stay in this external dormitory.

I continue studying even in the evenings, because I have a very comfortable desk in my room. To change the environment, I often go to the Skydeck, order some drinks and bring my study materials with me. Just beside this external dormitory there is 24 hour convenience store, and I can buy some snacks even in the middle of the night. If I am really hungry, I always have some food in the refrigerator in my room.

I am really glad that I have chosen Philinter! It’s great in both academics and accommodation. For the most I enjoy my clean, neat and spacious room. Just take a look on the pictures! Studying English and enjoying this amazing view of Cebu and Mactan are a definitively, unforgettable experience.

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